Every type of video production

Public TV Media is providing every type of production services. Video Documentaries, Training Videos, Educational Videos, Testimonial films, Training films, Concept video, Event promo video.


A programmer providing the report about the fact in a TV, radio or other media is a documentary. Public TV media is providing facility for documentaries to telecast in our websites with social welfare.

Testimonial Films

Public TV Media is ready to telecast a testimony films based on reality or history of a person as a film mode. Public TV Media focusing to entertain and passing general information regarding this.

Educational Videos

Public TV Media is providing educative videos to teach us about some general information helpful for all kind of age viewers. Viewing or listening brings more attention than reading a book or any thing else.

Training Films

Public TV Media promotes training films means a short subject documentary movie. It may be language training, career training or extra activities training…

Live Webcast

Public TV Media includes live streaming of audio or video simultaneously in the website without any noise. This may make special attention to viewers or audience…

Concept Video

Public TV Media provides concept videos popular convention programs contains natural, virtual or humor related. This may contain concept music videos, dance videos, narratives etc…

Event Promo Videos

Public TV Media includes events such as business promotion videos, film promotion videos, dance or music promotion videos and games promotion videos…