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Among the original social media organizations in the UAE, Mid section UAEĀ  East and India, PTV has crafted amazing brand journeys for businesses across different areas for 10 years.


Figuring out the right audience on cultural media and setting up optimised campaigns to attain them is an elaborate process. The wrong steps can result in a loss of money, reputation, or worse, acquiring the incorrect target audience.


Our Digital Super Specialists will help you find the right subject matter across with sociable media advertising campaigns. Take advantage of our expertise to remain ahead of the latest improvements, tools and features as they happen. Have a peek into our work.


” Our Social Advertising Advertising Knowledge “

Facebook Advertising

Thrust your business before three million promoters with our Facebook advertising services. As one of the oldest social multimedia programs, Facebook has one of the largest audience bases and most sophisticated targeting features. You can be sure that there is an audience on Facebook for each type of business, big or small.


With more than a billion users, Facebook has the biggest reach of any cultural media network on the planet. The average end user spends 45% of his or her time online and most of them login several times per day. By focusing on custom audiences through Facebook Ads, you can build consciousness for your brand by getting it in front of a group of potential customers several times a day.


Facebook Advertisements are one of the very most effective and cost-efficient advertising programs when they are being used with a concentrated strategy and a definite goal. With over sixteen many years of experience, Global Mass media Insight can give your business an advantage over three million advertisers on Facebook. Our team of specialists will help you leverage Facebook advertisements and create custom content to focus on your unique set of audience and in so doing make more leads, sales and downloads.


“Since Facebook end user base gives over 22 billion advertising clicks per year, it pays to market on program”


Twitter Advertising

Twitter’s marketing services enable you to target your customers predicated on geography, relevance, gender and other specifics a lot more easily.The followers you earn on Twitter are qualified leads, considering that they found your advertisement because Twitter grouped it to be under their market. Twitter has learned who your audience are and how to get them to check out you, this brings more consumers to your products. Be observed by all folks you want to.twitter Advertising unleashes the most internet advantages and possibilities of yours brands


Among the first Tweets advertising agencies in the UAE, we help your brand stand out from the sound with highly targeted Twitter advertisements. Position your product correctly with our management options for advertised tweets, promoted styles and promoted accounts. From profile setup and marketing strategy to plan management and performance information, we do everything.


With over 6,000 tweets going out every second, Tweets is one of the oldest and most powerful cultural networking sites on the internet, reaching millions of people around the world. Many companies in Dubai attended to count on Twitter marketing services to advertise their brands.


Considering that a majority of relevant potential clients across the world use Twitter, it might be a smart decision for just about any brand to really have the platform play a significant role in its marketing work.


LinkedIn Advertising

High-quality management services for the world’s leading to generate leads system. LinkedIn is a benefit for B2B businesses because of its capability of focusing on individuals based on their organisational role, job descriptions, contacts and experience. Our skilled managers will enable that you speak to the decision-makers at the primary companies in your sector.


LinkedIn phone calls itself the “world’s major professional network”. With a huge databases of LinkedIn end user profiles, it leverages this prosperity of information with demographic ad targeting capabilities. A superb to generate leads tool, LinkedIn’s ads work best when found in tandem with content marketing campaigns that promote white papers, e-books or webinars.



PTV and LinkedIn Advertising

With over 10 many years of experience in the digital market of the the UAE, Midsection East and India, PTV has been at the helm of online press campaigns for a few of the biggest brands in these regions. We have the ability to mould your LinkedIn promotions to target your unique cross-section of users and achieve the results you are looking for. We enable you to communicate directly with business potential clients, while focusing on them by specific companies, geographical areas, function and name.



LinkedIn Advertising Services We Provide

LinkedIn Advertisements come in several sizes and shapes, and it could be pretty complicated for a nascent customer. They come in five categories: Pay-per-click (PPC), Display Ads, Social Ads, Sponsored InMail and Sponsored changes. PTV INTERNET MARKETING gurus can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn.


Instagram Advertising

Put your best picture ahead with the power of visual marketing. Our Instagram advertising services contain a comprehensive range of activities including audience focusing on and segmentation, keyword research, strategy development, creative development, plan setup, regular monthly reporting, competitive brains and engagement pattern analysis.


Instagram ads are actually proving to be the in-thing as it pertains to internet marketing. With over 80 million pictures published every day and 3.5 billion enjoys daily, Instagram likes the highest progress rate among all the communal channels.


Pinterest Advertising

Inform and motivate 150 million people. Get the benefits associated with our expert Pinterest advertisement services by our Digital Super Specialists. Think of Pinterest as a digital scrapbook. Over 75% of Pins are extracted from brands, and Pinterest presently has over one million businesses. We help your brand get found out by promoting your very best pins along with carefully curated planks.


Many people think of Pinterest as the web version of any scrapbook. But it addittionally offers a great deal of opportunities for creative marketing, because of over 150 million users that seek ideas, information and creativity on the program.